Writing blog posts again

It is August 9th 2016, and I have had a short break from working on my new upcoming Christian book that will be published in Norway this year. In this break I found myself reading through some of my earlier blog posts.

Writing blog post again

And as I read, I suddenly heard the LORD say: “Reidun, you need to start writing blog posts again.”

I smiled and said; “LORD You are right, thank You for reminding me. I am truly sorry that I lost the inspiration, but I know You can set me on fire again, so I can get back writing blog posts.”

My latest blog was written and posted in the beginning of May. Which now in August is over three months ago. I had been busy helping and working and serving other people, and in the midst of all that I lost the inspiration and motivation and found it difficult for me to pick up the blog writing again.

Not only my blog writing had a break, but my book writing had also come to a pause. It was like I had entered into a different season, still doing what the LORD wanted me to do, but now doing all I could for to help and give service to other people – not able to also keep writing books and blog posts.

Being called to write by the LORD, and having a heart that longs every day to be a fulltime author, I often found myself also when I was too tired to write, longing to finish my next book and my next blog – but felt the pain in this that I was not able find the way to get back on track with my writing.

But in the middle of June I experienced a new start so to speak for my writing. An author friend of mine all of a sudden stopped by, for to buy my children book that was published in 2015. Then a neighbor also came by, and wanted the same book. Then an elder man called and wanted serval books. In a few days I sold some more books. Not much, but enough to give me new writing inspiration. During that first week I found I was writing every minute I could. After not too long time I had finished writing The Blue Dress Children Book, and I had started writing on a Christian book.

It was in the middle of a break from the joy of this new season to work on writing my next book that I looked into my earlier blog posts, and heard the LORD say; “Reidun, you need to start writing blog post again.”

So on August 9, 2016 when the LORD spoke those words to me, I grabbed my journal and added into my goals, that by September 1, 2016 I will start to write blog posts. I had set a goal to reach for.

Today as this is posted, it is September 1, 2016, and here I am writing the first blog, telling the story on how the LORD inspired me and guided me with His eyes and showed me how to get back writing another blog post.

Only God knows the dream in my heart. Only He knows how I have been longing to get back in the saddle again so to speak. Not for to ride a horse – but back writing blog posts, and as soon as possible working fulltime writing books. How wonderful to know that God, does never regret the gifts or His calling.

“For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.” (Rom 11, 29)

“And we know that all things work together for good for those who love God.” (Rom 8,28)

The LORD knew I needed to get back writing blog posts, so He started to inspire me by saying: “Reidun, you need to start writing blog posts again.”

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