Using your God-given talent

I was getting ready to post another blog, but I did not know what to write about.

Use your God-given talent

Had been busy working every day from early morning to late night and had been having little time to work on my creative writing because of more important at the time other tasks that I needed to take care of.

However, I showed up! I sat down and I started to write.

I started with telling the Lord about my lack of ideas for my blog post and asked Him for His guidance according to Psalm 32:8, knowing that He always answers when it is in His interest what I am doing. Then suddenly He reminded me by giving me thoughts about what He said to me in 2013.

He said: Use the talents that I have given you. Writing is one of talents that I have given you. Use it! Use it for My glory! You please Me when you write! Heaven rejoice when you Reidun are writing!

This is what I heard the Lord talk to me when I sat outside enjoying the sunshine one afternoon in August 2013, while having a cup of tea and taking a thirty-minute rest from my work that day.

With those thoughts I got, I understood that my blog today was going to be about how He had told me to use my skills, gifts and talents. I understood it was His plan for me to post that blog for to possible inspire someone that might need a little push in that direction.

Perhaps that someone is you?

Maybe you have a dream about doing what you love to do, but have not been able to take that next step for to do what you have always wanted. Perhaps you have not done this because you are unsure if it will support you with the income you and your family desire to have. On the other hand, things might have stopped you from pursuing your longtime dream.

Seeing many that are losing their jobs, and seeing many that cannot get a new job as soon as they need to and want to, I am getting more and more passionate about to help and inspire people around the world to find their own God-given talents, their own “Acres of Diamonds” the skills, gifts and talents that they have inside themselves. Talents that is very valuable and that comes with little or no cost for them to develop and start to use.

I believe that by using your God-given talent, you will be able to turn a problem or situation into a very good opportunity for yourself that might give you much more joy than you can think about and possible also give you all the income that you have dreamed about. I believe that is possible if you follow what God has called you to do. However, you might need some help, some consulting, some inspiring you, to get where you want to be.

You might be in the same situation as I, just having a different calling.

At the same time as I started to write this blog, I received an email from a Platform University friend of mine, Kathleen Ann Thompson with the podcast title “How you can transform your day.” I decided to finish my blog before I read it and listen to her podcast, but I wanted to add this in the end of my blog because I felt the title spoke to my heart today.

Here I were, not having any idea what to write today. However, I showed up, I started to write. I got the message that I should write about, not before I started, but after I started to write.

This transformed my day!

I have found my calling, my God-given talent. My own “Acres of Diamond” are in my writing.


10 thoughts on “Using your God-given talent”

  1. Thank you, Reidun, for your words today. It is very important to get started. By taking that first step we show that we are willing to go where He wants us to go, do what He wants us to do.

  2. Hi Reidun,
    This is exactly what I have been needing to hear for a while lately. This has been something that has consumed my mind and thoughts day and night for many years with no change towards doing what I am called and given grace to do. There are two things that have always kept me from fully pursuing these things. First, as you mentioned worried about not making enough money to support my family because I cannot see (or guarantee) any income for doing these things. Second, the time in order to fully do what I am called to do because I have a full-time job that I have to report to 5 days a week. There’s very little of the week left when you also care for your family and of course your own health which are both very important as well.
    I think I may be able to find the courage to seek the counsel of the Lord as you mentioned Psalm 32. He WILL counsel IF we seek it and then have the FAITH to do what he says do.
    God bless you Reidun. God has truly directed you today! Thank you Lord!

    1. Hi Sean, Thanks for your feedback. So great to hear from you, and to hear how God gave you what you needed today through my blog. We have a wonderful Almighty God. Praise the Lord. May the Lord bless you Sean and give you everything you need when you start to seek out His counsel. After I started pray Psalm 32:8 I have seen amazing things happen serval times just minutes after I spoke that word out, I got an answer. Nothing is impossible to God! And it was a blessing for me to read your message, so thank you for taking the time to write. Please do stay in touch and let me know what excited direction the Lord will lead you into. May the Lord bless you and your family in a huge way! And the Lord deserve all the glory!

  3. Reidun, I, too, have been given the talent to write. I feel called to use that to advance the Kingdom of God. My motto is “Changing the world one word at a time.”

    1. Thanks for sharing your story on your God-given writing talent. Keep up the great work Peter! God has truly given you a gift to write as you say, for to change the world one word at a time. 🙂

  4. Hi Reidun,
    This is a very inspiring message today. To me it serves as an encouragement to indeed pursue my dreams via my God Given hidden talents, of which I know I did not use as yet to His honor and Glory, but this all is going to take a positive turn now!

    I thank God for your gifting in writing and you just continue to encourage all who need these words of uplifting towards a positive progressive lifestyle in fulfilling God’s ordained enriched purpose for our lifes!

    1. Thanks Patricio, I am so happy to hear that my blog post could be of such an inspiration for you. All the glory and honor to Our Lord and Saviour, Israels God. And I look a lot forward to hear more about the excited change that may come when you start to dig up your hidden God’given talent, doing His will. And thank you for inspire me to keep doing what He has called me to do – to write!

      1. Reidun: that’s an encouraging post. We all have God-given talents and often we don’t focus on what we’ve got but rather we spend our lives looking for other things would pay the bills when we’ve got what it takes right on the inside of us.

        1. Thank you Clara. Appreciate your feedback and words! Yes, I agree, we have all been giving talents by the Lord. But we may not all have found out what that talent are and we may not have started to use them as He plan for us. He want us to prosper by using our own God-given talent and give Him all the glory!

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