Thoughts we think, words we speak

Last week I was reading an email from Jay Abraham. A wonderful advice that he had from Stephen R. Covey, which Jay now shared with us. An advice that hit my heart in a very good way. Words and thoughts that I needed to think more about and work more on, for me to become the person that I want and need to be for my clients, for my family and friends.

It also reminded me about my dear grandmother Ruth whom is home with the Lord, but whom I admired for always knowing what to say, when to speak and when to say nothing but just listening, and for her Christian friendly, loving, welcoming, caring personality always helping and putting other people needs before herself.

But I am the first to admit, that I am not perfect on the words that I think and the words that I speak. However, I refuse to be satisfied with this, knowing that I can become much better. Therefore, I am working on to learn what I need to learn for me to become better! I admire those that are doing betting with this! But I am working toward getting better at it!

Here is the great advice that Stephen R. Covey gave that Jay Abraham shared:

“Your goal, responsibility, obligation and primary purpose in business is to carefully examine, fully understand, appreciate thoroughly, empathize respectfully, and acknowledge meaningfully how the other side sees the situation. This applies not only to prospects and buyers — It applies to your team members, vendors, competitors, and the marketplace, community world in general.”

“Seek to understand first, before trying to be understood. Talk about someone when they’re not in the room the exact same way you would – – if you talked to them face to face.”

And since this is a very important advice, I share it and I have decided to keep those words in front of me, reminding me about them, with the goal that one day I will be better at this! Knowing, we become what we think and what we speak!

“If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.”     Mark 9:23

I am working on my goals! I am getting better every day!

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