The joy to write

Yesterday is gone. Today has new opportunities. Here I am, decided to grab my God-given talent opportunity to practice my writing and get closer to write more of what He has told me to write. Knowing I do have lots of joy and peace when I write. My desire is more than anything to give Him all the glory through my writing.

Photo: Reidun Friestad

First of all, I believe it is a miracle from God that I am able to write another language than Norwegian.

Will not take that for granted. I believe it started where I as a child around seven, that got the passion to speak English when we had lots of family visiting from America every summer. Where I later in my teens started to develop interest for writing poems and songs and singing along to popular songs also in English. Then in my twenties I experienced a growing interest for Country Music after I heard Randy Travis sing for the first time in Norwegian TV, his song; “Forever and Ever, Amen.”

Which inspired me to become interested in country music, where I started to read all I could read about country music artists, fan clubs, through country music magazines, and through many business books from inside the country music business in America.

But I was very close to “kill” the natural given joy God had given me for reading, speaking and communicate in English, by joining a class in the evenings here in Norway, for to become better in English. The teacher whom was very good teaching British English did not like that I had my heart in America. He started to tell me that I would never be able to write, read or communicate in English if I did not follow his teaching on British English.

This took all the joy out of me. It hurted my feelings and I started to believe he was right. He had somehow poisoned me with wrong thinking and I did not see it coming. But I saw that I was suddenly not able to read books and magazines that had given me so much joy. I felt sick every time I saw any of those magazines or books, so I put them away out of my sight for to have peace.

Not before a few months later, I decided that I would not listen to this anymore. I woke up and said out loud to myself that I am not letting those negative words from the teacher steal my joy for English – and I also stopped going to the class. And three months after I stopped going to the class, I started getting the joy to read, write and communicate in English back. Praise the LORD.

This just shows how dangerous it can be to listen to people that is speaking negative words over us.

If you listen to wrong voices, it may take all the joy and peace out of you. The joy that the LORD has given you, where you should be able to develop the interest and skills on what you are called to do through Him, and succeed.

By the grace of God, this that I experienced is over 30 years ago now in 2016. I was not a born again believer in Christ at that time either. So thankful that I did wake up, that I did not allow this wrong words to stay in my mind for more than those, for me much too long, but actually few months.

Praise the LORD, I have forgiven this teacher, and I am so grateful, that it is possible for me to write and read in English. That it is possible for me, to have joy and peace while I write and read, and that I can work with what I love to do – which is to write for His glory.

And I do have the joy while I write. Hallelujah. Praise the LORD!

2 thoughts on “The joy to write”

  1. I was allowed to use my American English when I attempted evening classes to improve my skills.

    1. Glad to hear that. 🙂 Praise His Holy Name. I am just so humble and thankful to the LORD. 1. Cor 1:26-31. All the glory to the LORD! That is why the title is: THE JOY TO WRITE!!!!

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