Who can I help today

As I was working today, I was stopped for the Word in the Bible: “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

So I started to ask: Who can I help today?

Later that same day a friend came to see me, whom needed my help and advice. And we ended up talking about how important it is to bless and help other people, and to watch what we say with our tongue, so it will only be uplifting and positive words that we speak. And watch our reaction when others are saying negative words to us our about us. Right after her visit, I received an email from Brendon Burchard with the subject THANK YOU and in it had a line that grabbed my attention as it confirmed what we just had been talking about. Brendon Burchard said: “I decided not to worry about the critics and instead give my whole heart and effort to those who wanted positivity and progress in life.”

No doubt, that this email was God’s way of confirming and saying that what we just talked about is important.

The next day, I asked the same question: Who can I help today? A few minutes later, I got a text message from someone I knew, saying: “I am not happy.”  After some listening and us both speaking, it ended with her saying: “Thank you, now I have a warm feeling of peace inside me. Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for lifting me up when I was down. Thank you for spending time with me.”

Again, God answered the prayer. He sent me one who needed help.

I am not telling this to brag, but it amazes me every day what a wonderful God we have! He answers prayers, and I believe He gave me those stories so I could share them, and give Him all the glory!

In addition, a thought came to me. What if we remembered to ask Him more often? What if we would ask The Almighty God for His advice? What if we asked Him about the economic situation, about our business? I believe that He has all the answers that we need! Nothing is hidden for His eyes!  “Ask, and it will be giving to you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”

Yesterday, I asked again: Who can I help today?

I was suddenly reminded to review a few books. One of them was Jeff Walker’s book, “Launch.” And amazingly, my review was helpful for one customer who decided to buy Jeff Walker’s book based on my review. I was able to help someone on Amazon today! Only 1 hour 30 minutes after I reviewed the book, I got a message from Amazon saying thank you for have helped another person decide to buy his book. I was very pleased but mostly amazed that my review could help! Even this was in God’s interest!

I believe our mission is to help people. And, every business that has succeeded has helped many!

Don’t ever give up your dreams

“Don’t ever give up your dreams… and never leave them behind. Find them; make them yours, and all through your life, cherish them, and never let them go!” Unknown Author.

Words of wisdom, placed on a magnet by Kat-Kraft’s, handmade in the U.S.A. Words that has been with me and inspired me often after I found them in a shop in San Francisco and paid $4.99 for them back in 1992.

When I moved, the magnet moved with me.  I kept it close to my computer, so that I could read and get inspired. But I did not fully understand, not before after I became a Christian in 2005, that this was one of God’s many wonderful ways, to remind me about the dream that He had put in my heart to pursue.

Don't ever give up your dreams...
Don’t ever give up your dreams…

I have always loved to write. As a little girl, I was inspired to write by my father whom created and told us wonderful fairy tales. And in my teens, I started to write poetry. Then, for over fifteen years I used my writing skills by serving as a secretary in different local and national organizations, where I wrote newsletters, meeting reports, newspaper articles, calling in to meetings etc.  When I was 38, I started to write songs and children books. But, I did not believe enough in myself to see that this could possible become more than a hobby. I had been listening for a long time to many negative voices, saying; “Who do you think you are? You can’t do that. Nobody makes a living being an author. Be happy about your day job. And, by the way, nobody likes people who are different.” Words that I know is not true!

How often have you heard those words? My guess are, many times! As a child, and as an adult!

But I am the first to confess that I have also said unthoughtful and negative words. But I see more and more, how terrible wrong that was of me. First, we hurt other people. Next, our words can hinder wonderful talents to be born. And if we are not careful with what we say and do, we might kill a person’s dream, their believe in themselves, the talent and dream that God has given each one, just by saying unthoughtful negative words.

Abraham Lincoln had a dream! When he was 60, he became the 16th President of United States.

Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream! He changed the world. He accomplished his dream.

Elvis Presley had a dream! He was first turned down by the music industry before his dream came through. And most of us know how well known his singing career became when he were alive, and how he still reaches new people with his songs after he has passed away.

Susan Boyle had a dream! She bravely entered the contest stage and many laughed. However, when she started to sing, nobody laughed! She has now reached her goal to become a singer, and has done so with a wonderful voice that has touched people all over the world.

I believe you also have a dream! Don’t let negative words hinder you. And don’t let your own unbelief in yourself stop you. Get inspired, and learn more on the field you shall work in. And one day soon your dream will come to life. It has been said: “Nothing big has ever been accomplished without inspiration!”

Not before 2005, did I start to see that I had been given a talent to write. And from then, my biggest dream has been to become a fulltime writer and author and be able to help, inspire and motivate as many as I possible can around the world, through my writing, consulting and speaking.

However, it has taken some years for me to change my wrong thinking about myself, by listening to successful, wonderful, motivational business speaking from: Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Zig Ziglar, Warren Buffet, Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham, Jack Canfield, Steve Harrison, Michael Hyatt, Jeff Walker, Brendon Burchard and many more.  And more than anything, I have been inspired and motivated by the teaching from The Word of The Lord.

On November 24, 2013, I was led to visit Brian Tracy’s website and I started to listen to a few of many of his teaching videos on YouTube. Through his inspiration, I started to write down goals and worked on them every day. Then I was led to listen to a video with Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar. Through their teaching, I saw that I needed to work harder on myself.  I saw that I had to keep doing what I have done when it comes to reading the Bible every day at least an hour before I go to work. Through the Word of the Lord, I will get more wisdom.  As Mr. Jim Rohn said; “Wisdom is very important for any business to succeed.”

After I started to listen to Earl Nightingale original recording from 1956 “The Strangest Secrets in the World” and Napoleon Hills original recording from 1937 “Think and Grow Rich”, I started also to understand how important it is to be aware of what I fill my mind with.

“We become what we think about!” Earl Nightingale.

Motivated and deeply inspired by many great successful men and women around the world, such as Jay Abraham, Michael Hyatt, Steve Harrison, Brendon Burchard, Jeff Walker as well as Warren Buffet that I truly admire for his “giving pledge”, I am systematically getting closer; day by day, I am getting more in touch with my true dream. I am now in my 50s and on my way to become a fulltime writer and author. Believing I am at the beginning of my most productive and excited time in life.

I have learned though, it is not what happens that decide my life, it is what I do about it. And age has nothing to do with it. Also learned that there is a time for preparation and learning.  And I do believe it is possible to start with absolutely nothing, and make a very good something, by using the talent that God has given us and the biblical principles of money.

“Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ;” Philippians 1:6

Seeing the economic changes around the world, and many people that is unemployed, I think it is very important to inspire people to tap into their dreams, their God-given talents and resources that is available at almost no cost within themselves. To inspire them to look for their own “Acres of Diamonds” that is within themselves, before they go looking for greener pastures in other jobs.

I believe God has given you a dream, a talent, and all the needed recourses inside yourself, for you to tap into using them, accomplish and succeed to the level it is possible and is meant for you to reach.

And in your talent, in your dream you could possible find your biggest opportunity to earn a very good income, and become financial free, simply by giving other people your absolute best service.

And, do remember;

“Don’t ever give up your dreams!”

© 2015 Reidun Friestad

Do it! Tell people you did it!

Not before I read the blog that Michael Hyatt sent me in early 2015, Jon Acuffs blog “The Secret part of Bravery People Struggle With Most” where he explains why we need to step out when we feel like holding back. Not before reading that blog, I STEPPED OUT, and I DID what I expected myself to do – I took the next step forward!

Reidun Friestad

Knowing for a long time I have been called to be a writer. The Lord also gave me the dream to start my own business being a fulltime author. However, not before I had been without a job for a while, and not been able to get a new job, did I fully understand the reason that doors always were closed on me when I applied for a job. It was because it was time for me to STEP OUT and DO IT, start my own business!

On July 4, 2014, I was able to register my business. Finally, I could work fulltime on my business, set it up, spending time to study and prepare. With that came wonderful excitements knowing that I was able to move forward with my longtime dream. And with that came situations holding me back. Some situations that I had control of, but that I out of a fear not knowing I had, made me stop, instead of going full speed. With it also came situations I had little or no control over, but where I did my best to solve the problems and move forward at the speed that The Lord allowed me to move.

“I will study and prepare, and someday my opportunity will come.” By Abraham Lincoln

However, it was very good for me to read that Jon Acuff, being an author and blogger could say; “I’m afraid my blog is stupid.”

Suddenly I were reminded of the old saying that we all have to start sometime, somewhere. We all need to learn. Nobody is perfect, and we will all do some mistakes and learn by our own mistakes. Just as a baby have to learn to walk, I have to learn to blog. However, I know I cannot learn to blog, if I do not start taking the first baby steps, possible fall on my face and rise up again, to take the next step, till I finally know how to blog.

However, what made me jump out of my comfort zone so to speak, was the word; “JUST DO IT!”  So easy, and still so difficult. It was just to do it! Something in me woke up and I said; “By the end of today, I will have WordPress installed on my website and my blog set up. I will not go to bed before it is done! No matter how it looks, I WILL DO IT! I will fix it and make it better when I learn more.”


The recipe with the ingredients for how I should start my blogging, found me, when I was ready. Well, I have to admit I love how God’s glory is touching me in ways like this, and remind me every day to be thankful. What He wanted me to know today, is that I have the key to start blogging inside myself! I just have to start using it!

“Just write your book. Just open your business. Just start a blog. Just learn photography.” By Jon Acuff.

My heart jumped. How could Michael Hyatt whom sent me this know that I needed this teaching and inspiration today? Here I am, been thinking to set up a blog since August 2014. Have planned, taken small steps forward, been listen to others that has made it, but not made it to set up my own blog. However, God knew I was ready, and gave me this lesson today! In His perfect time!

I have called my first blog, quoted from what Michael Hyatt sent: “Do it! Tell the people you did!”


Finally, I have moved my website domain name from another webhost where I could not use WordPress over to Bluehost, and where I am now able to use WordPress. I have installed WordPress on my website. I have set up WordPress so I can start to blog.

I have started to take small baby steps, learning about blogging. It is not perfect! There is much more for me to learn and to do!  However, I did it; I took the first important starting step!

By the way, I have chosen not to worry thinking about if my blog is perfect or not! I know I can and I will fix it when my blogging skills get better!

“Not that I have already attained, or am already perfected; but I press on, that I may lay hold of that for which Christ Jesus has also laid hold of me.” Philippians 3:12

I did it!

I am now telling people I did it!

“Do it! Tell people you did it!” By Jon Acuff

If I can set up and start a blog, you can also do it!


© 2015 Reidun Friestad