I cannot change others

By God’s help and through His Words I am often asking the Lord to help me change in me what needs to be changed. Knowing when I ask, He will show me things I need to repent from.


Often He will show us what we need to change and repent from that which is not right with the Lord and His Words. But the question is, are we willing to ask Him, are we willing to listen to Him, are we willing to repent, and are we willing to let God prune us, so that we can bear more fruits for His glory. John 15:2.

It is painful, but important to be pruned, to repent, if we shall bear more fruits for the Lord.

As I was out driving one day this past summer, I suddenly had some thoughts coming up in my mind about one person that one day recently was very negative and whom did not have a nice behavior. While thinking about this person I felt something I did not like was about to steal the peace I had in my heart as I was thinking about those words I just had heard this person spoken a few days ago.

Then as I were thinking about it, I suddenly head the Lord say: Reidun, you cannot change others, but you can change yourself.

Thank You Lord. So true. I cannot change others, but I can change myself.

A huge peace entered back into my heart and it was like a heavy burden was taken off my shoulders as I heard those words. He was making me understand, first I should forgive this person, which I had done, then I should work on my own reaction and myself and no matter what, not allow myself to react wrong, but to react with love and kindness. No matter how bad, I had the choice to not react on this persons level of negative thinking and speaking, because I could choose to react with God’s love.

Often we may look at others that do not understand us and think, why do they say that, and why do they not understand, that this is not right?

But immediately understand and knowing it would be wise to remind ourselves that we cannot change them, we can only change ourselves from not letting others behavior destroy our day. But also reminding ourselves, that sometime this could be God, that is trying to show us that we might need to repent, because we could be wrong as well.

This also reminded me about Zig Ziglar and his speaking on “stinking thinking”, his well-known “cat-kicking-story”. A story that have helped many remember not to let others stinking thinking and bad behavior take them down to their negative level. As we have the option to choose our reaction.

As I was driving, and as I saw how bad this person’s attitude and words was, and as I head those words from the Lord, I realized; “I cannot change that person, but I can change myself.”

Knowing the best that I can do is to turn away, be silent, keep my mouth shoot, blessing this person, and keep doing what I am doing, not letting the person’s negative comments enter my heart. Understand that to forgive this person is important to do asap for to have peace. Then leaving it all up to the Lord to work on the person’s attitude.

Thankful for the Lord’s lesson.

“I cannot change others, but I can change myself.”

On your knees before God

It amazes me every day what a wonderful Almighty God we have. Praise His Holy Name. He is alive. He is the same ONE and only God.

On September 24, 2015 I was all of a sudden inspired to write an article and send it to a Christian newspaper here in Norway. The main message in my article was to inspire people to keep believing for His revival and change of our country with the title “Christ in you, the hope of glory,” but also saying that for us to see this change for His glory, I believe that pastors, preachers, bishops and all Christians included myself now need to repent and to go on their knees and pray to the LORD.

I sent this email to the newspaper just before midnight. And decided that from that night I would start a new habit of going on my knees every day. So I started to go on my knees and pray before I went to bed, and did the same thing in the morning. I do not know if the newspaper published it. Probably not, as it was not in their interest. But I did send it. Believing it is now up to the Lord what He wants to do about it.

This my thinking and writing to go on my knees in prayer and my email message to the newspaper about this same thing must somehow have pleased the Lord.

Just a little later that same day I got a phone call from an elder godly woman at 88 years, saying she had a song for me, and told me the name on an old Christian revival song. It was: “On your knees before God in Jesus Name.” After hanging up the phone. I had to smile. Saying; Thank You Lord.

Then a little later at night that very same day, as I walked out to close a door before I headed to bed, a CD player that stood in the hall started to play: “He’s My Rock, My Sword, My Shield” and out towards me came the lyrics:” I’m going on my knees and pray.”

Then came October 12, 2015, and I read on my Facebook page on a beautiful picture with text published by best-selling author Shelley Hitz; “She who kneels before God can stand before anyone.” My heart jumped. I said: “Wow, Lord, You do confirm this message to me again and again, so this is really starting to become interesting.”

I then started to understand that the Lord must have a hurry somehow to share this with many. So to make sure I were obedient and shared the message as good as possible, I created a YouTube video with the message; “Down on your knees before God in Jesu Name.” Not very many has seen it, not yet, but the Lord knows if that might change. All for His glory.

And as I am writing this blog post today it is early morning here in Norway, December 8, 2015, I hear Ronnie Milsap singing “O Holy Night” and hear “fall on your knees”. I am jumping off the chair to hit replay and listen one more time. Now this same message came towards me again. And never had I recognized those words in that song that I often have heard and often has song along to, not before today. But for a reason only God knows, He now has opened my ears, eyes and heart to songs and words saying: ON YOUR KNEES IN JESU NAME.

I must also add that this message has been burning in my heart since September 24, 2015 and I have shared it everywhere I could when speak with other Christians.

There is no doubt in my heart that the Lord with all those times saying this same thing, over and over again, wants you and me, and all whom believes in Jesus Christ to go ON OUR KNEES BEFORE GOD IN JESU NAME! Only God knows why this is very important!

New opportunities

Broke and without a job! That WAS my life.  But thanks to The Lord that is history!

But I remember the pain of getting no when I applied for new jobs. And I remember I started to ask those whom supported me while being unemployed, if I could start my own business. But they kept saying, Reidun, just apply for more jobs. So I did. But still no job.

With doors being closed and every no I had, I became more and more desperate to seek out the opportunity it was for me to start my own business. Believing that was the right way for me to earn an income while doing a work that I was good at and loved.

Every time I applied for a job and got no, I was thinking; This must be how The Lord keep closing doors on me, because He wants me to get started with my own business.

Remembering many times, I heard The Lord say; “START YOUR BUSINESS, START WRITING REIDUN, WRITE, USE THE TALENT I HAVE GIVEN YOU, WRITING IS ON OF THE GIFTS I HAVE GIVEN YOU, USE IT, USE IT FOR MY GLORY…” and also those times I got it confirmed through people whom did not know what He had told me. So to me there were no doubt. The Lord, wanted me to start my own business, and He wanted me to write!

In the end of June 2014 they finally allowed me to check out the opportunity to start my own business.  And by July 4, 2014 my company was born, and I started to develop my business.

Broke and without a job! Yes, that was my life.  But thanks to The Lord whom I serve, He that started the good work in me, He has helped me to start my business.

I have crossed over the river of being unemployed for the last time. I have moved over the bridge where I took the leap in faith and started my own business. Today, income from my own business is getting better every day, and I am working on my third book.

This is my story, and I am sticking to it!

Being broke and without a job, became the opportunity to start my own business!

Fulfill your calling

I am the first to admit that I have been struggling with this to write as often as I would like to write, and to get my blogging going each week as my plan was when I started my blog in the end og March 2015.

Knowing though, that I have been moving forward, not with giant steps, but with small baby steps! Sometimes I have taken a few steps backwards, before I took one or two bigger steps forward again.

In this process of transformation, I therefore want to allow myself to be patient with myself in this period of going from the person whom I have been, to whom I am as a writer in Christ.

Going from being one that did only write when I felt like doing so, even though I journaled a lot every day, I was not really focused on my writing as I should for to reach my writer and author dreams. Going from one that for two years was trapped in the world system of seeing myself as an unemployed where I as others trusted money would come only from a so-called-secure daytime job.

However, thanks to the Grace of The Lord, I have been set free from limited thinking and some wrong habits that did not move me forward, and has by His guidance been able to see the huge opportunity in front of me and been able to start my own business and by His leading been able to start this process it is to become the writer, author and consultant whom God has called me to be.

We may not always be able to keep focused on what we need to do, and we may not always be able to see how we will be able to reach the goal. However, we can trust that the Lord will guide us with His eyes. He will lead you and me in the right direction as long as we keep moving, as long as we keep doing something that is showing Him that we are willing to move forward.

Earlier this summer, The Holy Spirit spoke to me and reminded about the Word in the Bible in Col 4:17. “Take heed to the ministry which you have received in the Lord, that you may fulfill it.”

“Take heed to the ministry which you have received in the Lord, that you may fulfill it”

I have this passion burning inside me more and more, to fulfill what He has called me to do. And He has said that I should use my talent to write. Trusting that He that started His good work in me will fulfill it.

So here I am, writing another blog! Hoping that my words will inspire and motivate you to fulfill the calling that God has put on your heart to do.

Wondering… Could it be that The Holy Spirit is saying also to you: “Fulfill your calling.”

Just keep walking

Looking back to one day in July, when things had been moving slowly with me and my writing and I almost had stopped because I did not see which way to go, I heard a soft voice saying:

“Just keep walking!”

I understood that the Lord wanted me to keep moving with my writing. It was as if He was saying to me, just keep doing what you are doing Reidun, even though you do not know where to go with your writing right now, and even though you may feel things are moving slowly, just keep walking, just keep writing those 500 words or more every day. Just move the next one-step that you know you need to move, then move another step, and before you know it, you have reached your first writing goal, and then you have reached your next writing goal. Just because you did not stop, just because you did not give up, just because you kept walking, and just because you kept writing – you are about to reach your writing goals.

Don’t ever give up your dreams… and never leave them behind. Find them; make them yours, and all through your life, cherish them, and never let them go.

Just putting one foot in front of the other and keep walking. How easy that is, but still so difficult. The Lord has given me testimonies and materials for many books. Still I find myself struggling to move forward with my writing.

In August, I was busy working different job projects to make an extra income and were therefore not able to write and be creative as much as I would like to. So again, I almost stopped the writing process.

Then thanks to an email now in the end of August from Peter DeHaan, a friend of mine from Platform University, whom was asking me how my status on my eBook project was, I was again reminded about what the Lord said in July:

Just keep walking.

I may not be able to see the big picture of where my book project is going right now, but I will keep walking, and I will keep writing. I know where I want to be with my goals and my books. Having faith that when I keep writing, I can trust that the Lord will guide me with His eyes. He will lead me in the right direction as long as I keep walking, as long as I keep doing the writing.

How are you doing? Have you experienced that things have been slow? Have you experienced that you struggle not knowing the right direction? Could it be that the Lord are saying also to you: “Just keep walking.”

Just hold on

It is Saturday morning, I am just done with my prayer, reading my bible and singing and praising the Lord. And as I am doing a few things in the house, I suddenly find myself thinking about my next month’s income. Not worried, because I do trust in the Lord, however, I had some thoughts that came up. Like, how will next month be like regarding an income? Knowing I also need to get done with my eBook and have that published so income can start to come from there too. And before I am done thinking those thoughts, I hear the Words,

“Just remember when you’re standing in the valley of decision, and the advisory says give in, JUST HOLD ON, our Lord will show up and He will take you through the fire again.”

It is coming towards me from a CD playing in the back of the room. It is the song “THROUGH THE FIRE” with Randy Travis from his album “GLORY TRAIN.” However, what touched me and spoke to my heart was the words,


If looking at it from a human and worldly way, and not through The Holy Spirit and the Word of God. I have absolute no guarantee for income in September to put food on my table, pay my rent and pay my bills. However, I know the Lord will make a way; I have His Words for that! And He is in control! Nothing is impossible to God!

“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” Psalm 23:1

Just like the miracles He has done in my life so far, and with August being my first month of not being supported by the government. I have taken a huge step in faith, now being under the Lord as my boss. Praise the Lord. I am not an unemployed any longer, but I am now the manager of my own company and a business partner with God. He that owns all the silver and gold in the world, and whom has all the connections in His hand that I would ever need for my business to prosper, and whom is the best marketing help there is for me. That is the Lord my God whom I am trusting, and whom will keep His promise. No doubt about that!

“Until the time that his word came to pass, The Word of the Lord tested him.” Psalm 105:19

I could have applied for the governments support for August. Because I have the right to have their support as long as I have not had a job offered me and still was unemployed. However, I just knew I could not be on their support any longer. And I knew God wanted me to trust Him with this. But, I am thankful for the time they have supported me, so that I am now able to start working with what I am called to do and what I love to do.

I have this huge desire, goal and need inside me to be able to earn an income so that I can help many others, by using my own working hands and the God-given talent to write and consult, the gift, talent and skills that God has given me and called me to use.

And knowing I am well able to start doing this now after I have had the months that I needed to develop my business. I am now well prepared and ready for to take small or large jobs that will give me an extra income each month.

And while I am trusting God, and taking those different extra jobs, I know God will open doors for my writing and upcoming books, and He will open doors to those that He wants me to help as a one-on-one consultant.

God has called me to write books and to be a consultant. And He has said, “A small start is better than no start.” And I have started.

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar

I am now out here locally serving people by doing different jobs where I am helping those I can help to get what they want in their life by doing a job that they like to have done. And as I am helping them, I know God will make sure that more work comes my way. That is how He works.

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go. I will guide you with My eye.” Psalm 32:8

Often we like to plan things to secure ourselves, but God might work it out differently. If He say, a large job is on its way towards me. It could possible come from the same client, not as one job, but as many smaller jobs that when put together, is like a puzzle, showing the large job I just did.

I have learned in my journey with God that I need to be patient. And I believe that God used Randy Travis song THROUGH THE FIRE and the words JUST HOLD ON to make me understand that I should not worry, I should not give up, but I should trust in the Lord, because God has a plan, and it will come to pass.

Trust in the Lord, because God has a plan, and it will come to pass.

Which reminds me when thoughts of not knowing when and where, and when it would be very easy to give up, He is saying JUST HOLD ON and remind me to trust in Him.

Maybe you are at place in your life or your business where you would like to see more things happen. And because you have not seen a lot happen like you would like to see, you are now thinking about to quit. But just when you are about to give up, the Lord would say to you,


Arise and shine

It is Sunday morning, and as I woke up, I am thinking about the dream I just had. In that dream, I saw scriptures inside my well-used King James Bible, and I saw that many of those scriptures had bright orange, green and yellow colors. Just like, I color scriptures when they have spoken to me in a special way. Then I saw myself typewriting those Words, and I saw myself speaking to a group of people. Those scriptures became a story that I wrote and then I heard myself tell it with my own words to many people. The dream was about me writing, and sharing what I had written!

While I am reading my bible a little later this Sunday morning and reading the entire Psalm 119, I went on praying for people like I do every day, and I were praying for someone I knew were in the hospital, suddenly I heard “Arise and Shine!”

Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the LORD is risen upon you. Isaiah 60:1

Then later that same Sunday, in the afternoon, as I am sitting outside enjoying a short moment in the sunshine and a cup of tea while singing along on songs praising the Lord, again I heard “Arise and Shine”.

Arise and Shine

Now I were pretty sure that this came as an answer from God to my thinking about a card I needed to send online today. Where I had been wondering if today could be the right time for me to say no, instead of yes. Knowing I can always trust the LORD and knowing trusting the Lord in this case could possible mean that I should say no. Just as those thoughts were going back and forth inside my mind, and as I were singing and praising the Lord with the song “Oh The Glory of His Presence”, The Holy Spirit made it very clear for me by saying; “Arise and Shine!”

He left no doubts in me. He made it clear that this is the time for me to “Arise and Shine” by using the talent, that God has given me to write. This is the time for me to “Arise and Shine” with my business, as writer, author, and consultant helping other people. This is the time that I so to speak can walk on water and trust the Lord and all His promises for my business.

Then I heard: “Fear not! Trust me! Arise and Shine. I will take you from poverty to wealth. I will take you out of debt, so arise and shine Reidun. This is the time, this is the time, saith the LORD. Use the talents and gifts I have given you to write, to share your story with the world that is hungry for what you have experienced.”

“Fear not! Trust me! Arise and Shine.”

The first time I heard The Holy Spirit say “Arise and Shine” was in 2009. However, not before this first Sunday in August did, I knew that this is the time for me to act on it, no matter what forces that has been trying to hinder me way to long; I just need to “Arise and Shine.” And I just knew I should use this as a title in my blog.

I just need to “Arise and Shine.”

What about you, have you been acting on your calling? Have you started to “Arise and Shine” doing what God has called you to do? Or, have you like me, been slow to act on His calling?

In the dream He showed me that He wanted me to “Arise and Shine” with my writing.

I believe the Lord is calling you, me and many others to “Arise and Shine” for His glory, using the gifts, talents and skills that He has given us. I believe He is inspiring us to “Arise and Shine” and find our own “Acres of Diamonds” which is our God-given gifts and talents that is inside ourselves for almost nothing.

As I am writing this, I have just received one email and one message; both with similar message to what The Holy Spirit spoke to me on Sunday when saying, “Arise and Shine”.

So with that I believe God is confirming that He wants me to write this message and share it with as many as possible, because He want to inspire us to “Arise and Shine” with what He has given us of talent, gifts and skills.

Yesterday I heard in the news that many are now going to lose their well-paid jobs in the oil industry in Norway, but with this message from the LORD, I know that God has a solution for them, if they only would seek the LORD for His guidance.

So, “Arise and shine!”