On your knees before God

It amazes me every day what a wonderful Almighty God we have. Praise His Holy Name. He is alive. He is the same ONE and only God.

On September 24, 2015 I was all of a sudden inspired to write an article and send it to a Christian newspaper here in Norway. The main message in my article was to inspire people to keep believing for His revival and change of our country with the title “Christ in you, the hope of glory,” but also saying that for us to see this change for His glory, I believe that pastors, preachers, bishops and all Christians included myself now need to repent and to go on their knees and pray to the LORD.

I sent this email to the newspaper just before midnight. And decided that from that night I would start a new habit of going on my knees every day. So I started to go on my knees and pray before I went to bed, and did the same thing in the morning. I do not know if the newspaper published it. Probably not, as it was not in their interest. But I did send it. Believing it is now up to the Lord what He wants to do about it.

This my thinking and writing to go on my knees in prayer and my email message to the newspaper about this same thing must somehow have pleased the Lord.

Just a little later that same day I got a phone call from an elder godly woman at 88 years, saying she had a song for me, and told me the name on an old Christian revival song. It was: “On your knees before God in Jesus Name.” After hanging up the phone. I had to smile. Saying; Thank You Lord.

Then a little later at night that very same day, as I walked out to close a door before I headed to bed, a CD player that stood in the hall started to play: “He’s My Rock, My Sword, My Shield” and out towards me came the lyrics:” I’m going on my knees and pray.”

Then came October 12, 2015, and I read on my Facebook page on a beautiful picture with text published by best-selling author Shelley Hitz; “She who kneels before God can stand before anyone.” My heart jumped. I said: “Wow, Lord, You do confirm this message to me again and again, so this is really starting to become interesting.”

I then started to understand that the Lord must have a hurry somehow to share this with many. So to make sure I were obedient and shared the message as good as possible, I created a YouTube video with the message; “Down on your knees before God in Jesu Name.” Not very many has seen it, not yet, but the Lord knows if that might change. All for His glory.

And as I am writing this blog post today it is early morning here in Norway, December 8, 2015, I hear Ronnie Milsap singing “O Holy Night” and hear “fall on your knees”. I am jumping off the chair to hit replay and listen one more time. Now this same message came towards me again. And never had I recognized those words in that song that I often have heard and often has song along to, not before today. But for a reason only God knows, He now has opened my ears, eyes and heart to songs and words saying: ON YOUR KNEES IN JESU NAME.

I must also add that this message has been burning in my heart since September 24, 2015 and I have shared it everywhere I could when speak with other Christians.

There is no doubt in my heart that the Lord with all those times saying this same thing, over and over again, wants you and me, and all whom believes in Jesus Christ to go ON OUR KNEES BEFORE GOD IN JESU NAME! Only God knows why this is very important!

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