New opportunities

Broke and without a job! That WAS my life.  But thanks to The Lord that is history!

But I remember the pain of getting no when I applied for new jobs. And I remember I started to ask those whom supported me while being unemployed, if I could start my own business. But they kept saying, Reidun, just apply for more jobs. So I did. But still no job.

With doors being closed and every no I had, I became more and more desperate to seek out the opportunity it was for me to start my own business. Believing that was the right way for me to earn an income while doing a work that I was good at and loved.

Every time I applied for a job and got no, I was thinking; This must be how The Lord keep closing doors on me, because He wants me to get started with my own business.

Remembering many times, I heard The Lord say; “START YOUR BUSINESS, START WRITING REIDUN, WRITE, USE THE TALENT I HAVE GIVEN YOU, WRITING IS ON OF THE GIFTS I HAVE GIVEN YOU, USE IT, USE IT FOR MY GLORY…” and also those times I got it confirmed through people whom did not know what He had told me. So to me there were no doubt. The Lord, wanted me to start my own business, and He wanted me to write!

In the end of June 2014 they finally allowed me to check out the opportunity to start my own business.  And by July 4, 2014 my company was born, and I started to develop my business.

Broke and without a job! Yes, that was my life.  But thanks to The Lord whom I serve, He that started the good work in me, He has helped me to start my business.

I have crossed over the river of being unemployed for the last time. I have moved over the bridge where I took the leap in faith and started my own business. Today, income from my own business is getting better every day, and I am working on my third book.

This is my story, and I am sticking to it!

Being broke and without a job, became the opportunity to start my own business!

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