NEW BOOK: The Song in My Heart: Arise and Shine

The Song in My Heart: Arise and Shine, is an inspirational book by Indie Author Reidun Friestad sharing her personal stories on how she was inspired to start writing when she struggled to write blogs, and more than anything, how she was guided and instructed by the Lord to ARISE and SHINE as a writer.

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Here is what Patty Patterson, Author of the children’s book “Freedom From the Whale”, said.

A delightful read!

A delightful read! If you are needing inspiration in your life, this book is for you. This is the author’s personal testimony of how God has brought her from being dependent on the government to being a self-employed author and publisher in just a few short years. Just keep in mind that this is the author’s first book in English. She’s done a great job with it, and I personally loved the way she used the English language. It reads sort of like a conversation you might have while sitting and sharing a coffee with a good friend.

Here is what Patricio Rivers, said.

Recommended For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The Author Reidun Friestad comes over very inspirational and so very encouraging in her book! I read the book in an hour time and during the entire time I caught myself having this constant smile on my face as the contents bore witness with my spirit. This book should be able to beyond any shadow of a doubt motivate anyone who has a deep desire to begin the process towards the journey of living their dreams! After reading the book I was left with a thought thinking, “My Goodness, this means I’m NOT the only one who has been thinking that everything has to be first “PERFECTLY IN PLACE” before commencing my business or other opportunities?! But this book corrected those wrong thinking and sure enough I can’t wait to start implementing what i learned from the experience of this Author and about her relationship and convincing TRUST in God’s assistance and guiding her during the process along the path to success…

Here is what Peter DeHaan, PhD, Author of “95 tweets”, said.

Motivation for writers–and everyone else

In her first book in English, Norwegian author Reidun Friestad relates her journey of faith and writing. She shares twelve personal steps that brought her from unpublished writer to published author. Each chapter serves to educate and inspire, encouraging us push forward into whatever God is calling us to do.

Here is what Dr. David and Lulu Walker, said.

Following the Lord Jesus, Author Reidun Friestad, learns …

Following the Lord Jesus, Author Reidun Friestad, learns how to face challenges in her life, discovering at the same time, her new purpose as a writer. This book brings hope and light, touching deeply the heart of the reader. The forthcoming writings of Reidun, without a doubt, will allure larger audiences in the near future.  Dr. David and Lulu Walker

Here is what one Anonymous, said. 

An easy and encouraging read

It was refreshing and encouraging to see someone write about how the Lord works in our lives and guides those who are in fellowship with Him.

Here is a comment on Facebook from Patricio Rivers.

I’ve read the book and I could NOT put it down til I finished reading it. It represents many of our own challenges when facing different fears in trying to reach our goals.The inspiration through this book was how the Author overcame those familiar challenges, putting her now on the right track to success and her written English is part of that CHALLENGE she successfully bridged!

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