My own “Acres of Diamonds”

I first heard Earl Nightingale tell the story called “Acres of Diamonds” on February 2015 when I on YouTube found the original recording Earl did in 1956 to inspire his sales team.

The story was about the farmer in Africa whom wasted his own “Acres of Diamond” by go searching for diamonds all other places than at his own farm. This farmer so to speak, stood, walked and lived on his own “Acres of Diamonds” that he dreamed about finding. But he went all other places to look for them, and did not find any – but become broke and died.

This became an awakening seven-minute story that I have listened to many times, and where I started to think more seriously about my own life and where I were in regard to archive my goals. Through this story I saw clearly that my “Acres of Diamonds” were in my writing.

And through this story, I saw myself and my longtime dream to pursue a career as a writer, author, and it just dawned on me how important it was to keep doing what was in my heart, what I loved to do, and what I am called to do. And it opened my eyes so to speak on how dangerous and wrong it was to waste my talent, by being busy with other things that would never lead me to archive my goals.

I just knew in my heart without doubt it would not be smart of me to sell my valuable talent as a writer and author for almost nothing by going after another daytime job, instead of pursue my longtime dream to become the writer and author I was born to be.

An ordinary daytime job would secure me by giving me food on the table and pay my bills, but it would never give me freedom and satisfaction to live the life I knew I was called to live, it would never give me real joy, and it would probably never get me out of debt. I just knew that the only way for me to reach my goals to become financial free and to get out of debt and stay out of debt, was to use my talent to write.

This beautiful and true story that Earl Nightingale told, inspired me. It also gave me new hope and faith that someone, somewhere around the world might be inspired and helped through me telling my story on how I struggled, but how I today enjoy life in new and better ways after I took action and started to work on my writing, on my “Acres of Diamonds” that I now am able to pursue in writing as much as I can every day by the grace of God.

I have like others had situations in life for years hinder me not be able tap into my dreams. And not before I lost everything I could lose, and was down to absolute nothing, other than my faith in God, trusting Him, I started to believe that I could finally get started with my dream to become the writer and author, that I would be able to earn money doing so, pay my bills, save money, give me the life filled with joy and freedom, to give and help others as much as I had always wanted to do – and help myself get completely out of debt.

And as the LORD in 2013 started to tell me to start my own business and reminded me about His calling on my life to write, I started to see and believe, that I had a talent, a gift that God had given me, that I needed to use.

So when I heard Earl Nightingale tell the story about “Acres of Diamonds” I understood this was sent me for to wake me up and confirm that I had my own “Acres of Diamonds”, in my writing, the talent, the gift that God had given me.

With this story that Earl Nightingale told, I saw the importance that I had to keep writing, but also that I had to start to share my story on; How I went from being broke and without a job, to start my own business, and how I today can say I see my business slowly growing.

With the hope, that telling my story I can possible inspire someone on how I have experienced difficulties and setbacks for many years and lost everything, been broke and without a job, and despite of that, how I today can say that I see huge opportunities by using my God-given talent to write and by helping others as a consultant, and where I am also able to help busy moms and dads and elders shining up their homes, as an important strategy to help myself focus on my writing in the evenings, without thinking about how to pay my bills.

My story is more than anything about how I trust the LORD and how I know I will have my own successful business as a writer, author and consulting by using my God-giving talent and the biblical principles on money.

Hoping that my story can give you whom read this new hope, inspiration, and possible help you find your own “Acres of Diamonds” and help you start to use your special talent and succeed in the midst of a very tough economic global situation the world is facing more and more.

Nothing would make me happier than to know you were inspired by my story, and that it helped you succeed, by using your talent, your own “Acres of Diamonds”.

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