Just keep walking

Looking back to one day in July, when things had been moving slowly with me and my writing and I almost had stopped because I did not see which way to go, I heard a soft voice saying:

“Just keep walking!”

I understood that the Lord wanted me to keep moving with my writing. It was as if He was saying to me, just keep doing what you are doing Reidun, even though you do not know where to go with your writing right now, and even though you may feel things are moving slowly, just keep walking, just keep writing those 500 words or more every day. Just move the next one-step that you know you need to move, then move another step, and before you know it, you have reached your first writing goal, and then you have reached your next writing goal. Just because you did not stop, just because you did not give up, just because you kept walking, and just because you kept writing – you are about to reach your writing goals.

Don’t ever give up your dreams… and never leave them behind. Find them; make them yours, and all through your life, cherish them, and never let them go.

Just putting one foot in front of the other and keep walking. How easy that is, but still so difficult. The Lord has given me testimonies and materials for many books. Still I find myself struggling to move forward with my writing.

In August, I was busy working different job projects to make an extra income and were therefore not able to write and be creative as much as I would like to. So again, I almost stopped the writing process.

Then thanks to an email now in the end of August from Peter DeHaan, a friend of mine from Platform University, whom was asking me how my status on my eBook project was, I was again reminded about what the Lord said in July:

Just keep walking.

I may not be able to see the big picture of where my book project is going right now, but I will keep walking, and I will keep writing. I know where I want to be with my goals and my books. Having faith that when I keep writing, I can trust that the Lord will guide me with His eyes. He will lead me in the right direction as long as I keep walking, as long as I keep doing the writing.

How are you doing? Have you experienced that things have been slow? Have you experienced that you struggle not knowing the right direction? Could it be that the Lord are saying also to you: “Just keep walking.”

5 thoughts on “Just keep walking”

  1. Thumb up for you, Reidun! Yes, I am going forward too, not on the writing track yet, but in the direction I think is the right one for me now.

  2. I’m definitley moving forward, in multiple directions because I really don’t know which one direction, if there is just one direction for me to move in. My problem isn’t that I fail to walk but it’s that I walk in so many different directions at the same time. I feel like I just can’t know which ONE direction I need to walk in, or even if it’s just ONE direction. So I just keep walking forward hoping that I’m not walking in circels even though that’s how it feels at times.

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