I cannot change others

By God’s help and through His Words I am often asking the Lord to help me change in me what needs to be changed. Knowing when I ask, He will show me things I need to repent from.


Often He will show us what we need to change and repent from that which is not right with the Lord and His Words. But the question is, are we willing to ask Him, are we willing to listen to Him, are we willing to repent, and are we willing to let God prune us, so that we can bear more fruits for His glory. John 15:2.

It is painful, but important to be pruned, to repent, if we shall bear more fruits for the Lord.

As I was out driving one day this past summer, I suddenly had some thoughts coming up in my mind about one person that one day recently was very negative and whom did not have a nice behavior. While thinking about this person I felt something I did not like was about to steal the peace I had in my heart as I was thinking about those words I just had heard this person spoken a few days ago.

Then as I were thinking about it, I suddenly head the Lord say: Reidun, you cannot change others, but you can change yourself.

Thank You Lord. So true. I cannot change others, but I can change myself.

A huge peace entered back into my heart and it was like a heavy burden was taken off my shoulders as I heard those words. He was making me understand, first I should forgive this person, which I had done, then I should work on my own reaction and myself and no matter what, not allow myself to react wrong, but to react with love and kindness. No matter how bad, I had the choice to not react on this persons level of negative thinking and speaking, because I could choose to react with God’s love.

Often we may look at others that do not understand us and think, why do they say that, and why do they not understand, that this is not right?

But immediately understand and knowing it would be wise to remind ourselves that we cannot change them, we can only change ourselves from not letting others behavior destroy our day. But also reminding ourselves, that sometime this could be God, that is trying to show us that we might need to repent, because we could be wrong as well.

This also reminded me about Zig Ziglar and his speaking on “stinking thinking”, his well-known “cat-kicking-story”. A story that have helped many remember not to let others stinking thinking and bad behavior take them down to their negative level. As we have the option to choose our reaction.

As I was driving, and as I saw how bad this person’s attitude and words was, and as I head those words from the Lord, I realized; “I cannot change that person, but I can change myself.”

Knowing the best that I can do is to turn away, be silent, keep my mouth shoot, blessing this person, and keep doing what I am doing, not letting the person’s negative comments enter my heart. Understand that to forgive this person is important to do asap for to have peace. Then leaving it all up to the Lord to work on the person’s attitude.

Thankful for the Lord’s lesson.

“I cannot change others, but I can change myself.”

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