I can do this writing

I believe that I can do this, being a fulltime writer and author – with the help of the LORD. And, I am fully convinced that God is able to perform whatever He has promised. Just like Abraham had faith when it looked like all hope was gone – I have faith and trust in The Almighty God of Israel. Knowing for God nothing is impossible, and knowing through Christ I can do all things.


In August 2015 I started to go fulltime as a writer, with my first book, “Den Blå Kjolen”, a Norwegian children book that I wrote and published as a book manual on October 31, 2015, and which was published in January 2016 as an Audio CD, and published in March 2016 as a soft cover book.

Then when the sale slowed down a bit in the end of January 2016, I again had to ask for some support from the government.

And for six months from March 2016 I offered some free consulting to help a young man where I wrote letters and went to meetings speaking for him – and where we won the case in September 2016. All the glory to the LORD that did help us win.

But as my income started to increase during the year of 2016 with more work that I did for clients every week, I saw that I needed less support from the government, and with an upcoming launch of a new Christian book on October 20, 2016, I decided it was the right time to trust the LORD and go fulltime as a writer and author from October 1, 2016.

Not an easy thing to do, but for me the right thing to do.  “A small start is better than no start”.

When I took this step in faith on October 1, 2016, I had no guarantee for an income to pay all my bills for the month of October, other than to trust the LORD for the extra income that I had faith would come through selling books. At that time, I took the step in faith, I had about 35 % of my total need secured through work to clean houses every week. But Praise the LORD, so far, He, has made it possible to pay every bill.

Right before the launch of my book, I got the deliverance from printing over two weeks later than planned, and as if not that was enough, me getting sick with a painful appendix just when I should be around and pre-sell books. But, praise the LORD, He healed my appendix in the middle of the night when I slept, on October 4, 2016.

I can do this writing, because the LORD is my helper.

It is the LORD that has called me to write. It is He that has given me advise and guided me step by step from being broke and unemployed to start my own business and now as I write this be on the way to run my own fulltime business as a writer, author and consultant – trusting the LORD.

Not that I have reached this goal yet, but I am on my way toward it – trusting the LORD with all my heart.  Only with His help am I able to get through every day as my income slowly grows without taking any loans, but slowly are able to pay my bills and build up the business from what I earn.

My next project will most likely be the children book that I first published in Norwegian in 2015, that I have translated into English with the title “The Blue Dress Children Book” and that I plan to publish on Amazon.

To be an indie writer and author publishing my own books, is for me a longtime dream come through, and I look forward to write many books in the future. The joy of being able to sit down and write what comes to my mind whenever and wherever I am, and to create products that I am the owner of, and then to sell them to people that say they are inspired and motivated by my writing is nothing but amazing. I am very grateful to the LORD for this. All the glory to the LORD.

And I will do whatever I can to never take anything for granted, but strive my best to be humble and thankful for every person that wants to buy one of my books – just like I am today in the very small beginning as an indie writer and author. Knowing that as a writer, I can only succeed when the reader wants to buy and read what I write!

Trusting the LORD with all my heart and hoping that my writing will be a blessing for many people. And being fully convinced that God is able to perform whatever He has promised.

I love to write, and I love the fact that I may touch other people through my writing.

I believe I can do this writing!

Through Christ I can do all things!

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