Go on with your dreams

Go on with your dreams

Only a few days left of this year. And in the morning when I was on my knees before our Heavenly Father, in Jesus name, as I normally do every morning before I start my day. I were asking Him for advice on what I needed to focus on today, regarding my writing.

The answer came very fast, where I heard Him say: “BLOG”

And then I heard Him say; “GO ON WITH YOUR DREAMS.”


What a wonderful way to end a year, that to me has been full of many wonderful and different colors, some situations more challenging than others, but a blessed year, if I may put it that way.

And where I can look back knowing that I by the help of the LORD have taken some new important steps forward with my business, and also made many new connections with wonderful people, both locally and around the world. Which I know would not be possible without His help.  But by His grace and help and guidance, I know nothing is impossible to those that believe. As it is written in Luke 1:37: “For with God nothing will be impossible.”

But now, just a few days from entering into a new year, I am looking back at those many moments, many experienced miracles and many times getting His help and guidance, knowing He has been with me all the time, down in the valleys and on top of the mountains. Thankful for His great love, which truly makes it fun looking forward to what God has planned for me and my business for the next and upcoming year, even at a time when things are very difficult in the world.

Praying that God will do miracles and help those that are in need around the world that only He can help by sending the right people who can help and have in their hands what they need. Wanting to reach out and help many that suffer in need of food and cloths, but understand I can only do so much He wants me to with what he has given me to do for others, as we all can do something. Then I am also reminded that being obedient to the LORD is more important than offering.

And by the grace of the LORD, I am setting new focus and I am excited over every new day that I will be able to face by His grace and by His will. HIS WILL BE DONE!

Excited over this new untouched year that I know will be filled with some challenges but also many new huge opportunities from the LORD.

I am starting my journey to go into next year, by writing this blog post: GO ON WITH YOUR DREAMS.

Not before I evaluated this entire year in the first days of December, did I see the things I had been able to archive and move forward with this year. I guess it is often easy to forget the small steps we have moved forward with, and possible also forget to enjoy those smaller achievement – in our daily hunting for to archive more, today, tomorrow, and in the future.

So when I looked back through my evaluating process this year, it was fun to see that I actually did fulfill many things I planned to reach this year. Not all, but many of them did I reach.

By the LORDs help, I have been able to build some new income streams this year, by giving service and helping other people get what they want. I have been able to write and publish my second book, and I have sold out almost all the books that I got printed in October. Both those books written in Norwegian. The first a children book, and the second a Christian book. And now I am waiting for the LORD to tell me when to print new books of this Christian book. While I am waiting, I working on a new Christian book that will be published in English.

I have not given up on my dreams. I believe I have found my dreams, my acres of diamonds, my writing, made it mine, and I will do whatever I can to cherish it and never let it go.

I believe I have done what I could do this year to keep my dreams alive. And I have kept moving on with my goals, and my business, also through some very tough financial times I have faced, which I believe has been temporary.

And next year, I will not stop or slow down, but I will go full speed and by the grace of the LORD, I will move forward with my goals and plans; GOING ON WITH MY DREAMS as a writer and author whom will share what the LORD wants me to share with others. And giving the LORD all the glory!

In closing, I pray that the LORD, will help you whom read this, and whom has a dream you want to archive which the LORD has given only you to fulfill. I pray that you’ll get inspired and excited to; go on with your dreams in this new untouched year – while giving the LORD all the glory!

Even when the global economic is difficult, and many have lost their jobs, I believe God is saying it is important to remind those we can remind, to find their dreams, their God-given talents, the talent that God has given only him or her, and to go on with their dreams – giving God all the glory!

May the LORD bless you and yours this next year – while you are going on with your dreams!

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