Get up and keep going

Earlier this year, I watched a sermon, with the title “GET UP AND KEEP GOING”.  This title spoke to my heart. It reminded me that no matter what, I just need to get up and keep going.


Being a writer, first of all we need to show up, then we need to start writing. Also if we do not know what to write. Often the words and the ideas will come when we start to write. And as we write we get more inspired, and soon the words are just coming, more and more.

And I have to say, it is wonderful to get up in the morning knowing I have my own business, where I am helping other people through my business Reidun Hjelper Deg (Reidun is helping you), and where I can write, publish and sell books and write blogs. Having my own business and being my own boss is just a wonderful freedom.

But I have to admit it can also be difficult to keep the inspiration while working on building my writing business, especial when things are difficult, as they often are in the start of any business.

It is in times like that, it is good to be reminded to “GET UP AND KEEP GOING.” So easy said, but still so difficult, words we might need to be reminded about often.

My experience when not knowing exactly where to go next, is that when I take the situation and go down on my knees and lift it up to the LORD asking for His guidance, trusting Him, and start to take one step forward, He will show me the next step that I could not see. I have seen how He has guided me with His eyes and showed me the way in many situations with my business and writing.

Just like when I did not have any idea about how to put together the content and create the outline of my new Christian book that I started to write in 2016. Step by step, the LORD gave me ideas and guided me.

But even with His help, I have struggled a few times earlier this year to move on with my business and my writing. I lost the inspiration when book sale slowed down in February 2016, and when I was not writing as much as I should because I had to handle a situation for a client and spent a lot of time on writing letters for him. It was difficult for me, as I wanted so much to also write on my book, but I could not get myself to do what I wanted. Looking back, I think my problem was that I had some wrong thinking, as I allowed my mind to dwell on the problems I faced, instead of seeing the opportunity in my situation.

Those words spoke; “GET UP AND KEEP GOING” kind of woke me up so to speak.

I grabbed those words to my heart and I jumped up, full of new hope and inspiration. It was like all that had hindered me was gone, as I said out load: “GET UP AND KEEP GOING REIDUN”, that is all you need to do – “GET UP AND KEEP GOING”.

A Word spoken at the right time can turn any difficult situation into new opportunities.

Where we see no way, there is a way – but we must; “GET UP AND KEEP GOING”.

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