Done is better than perfect

In the week of June 2015, I published my first video on YouTube!  IT WAS NOT PERFECT. BUT I DID IT ANYWAY! I have learned from Ray Edwards that; “Done is better than perfect, because perfect never get done.”

This video was done as part of an application that I sent in to Platform University for to possible be chosen for their free Platform University Member Full Service Brand Makeover.  Based on all published videos and applications they were going to choose a winner. At the time, I wrote this blog, I did not know if they had chosen one person, or if they were still working on this.

But, no matter what, winning or not winning, I have done it, I have joined the contest. I DID IT! NOW I AM TELLING EVERYONE THAT I DID IT!

There is no doubt that I have often hindered myself from moving forward doing important things I should have done for to prosper, just because something inside myself held me back while telling me I was not good enough, or it was not perfect enough.

Knowing that those thoughts are not from God, but is an evil force trying to hinder me from fulfilling the greatness that God has put in me to do. This evil force has been working hard to hinder me from prosper and using the talent and gift that He has called me to fulfill. But thanks to God, “He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.” 1 John 4:4

I decided that I was tired and sick of this. I have had enough of all the lies that have hindered me. I will start to do whatever I can do and need to do. I know, the Lord wants me to prosper.

Believing this is my breakthrough time!  Believing this is the time I need to get done whatever I need to do for me to prosper with my business. I will just do it anyway!

When I started to write this blog, I also got to think about, that I am possible not alone that has been hindering myself because I have been listen to lies from myself, or been listening to lies from others whom do not understand what God has called me to do, whom might not support or believe in me or believe in the gift and talents that God has given me.

Far too often, we surround ourselves with people that are not supporting the greatness God has for us!

And as I put those words into this book, I can tell that I did not win. But I did make my first video and I did join the contest.

I hope that this my first, but not perfect video on YouTube, can inspire you whom have not had the courage to do what you need to do for to move forward and prosper with your business.

Even if is not perfect, just go ahead and do it anyway, and start to tell people you did it.

I am not a brave person, but I just got very tired of being held back, so I moved on and did it anyway. Because something in me kept saying, just keep walking, just keep moving, just do it Reidun.

Praise the Lord!


Watch my first not-perfect-but-done YouTube video here

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