Arise and shine

It is Sunday morning, and as I woke up, I am thinking about the dream I just had. In that dream, I saw scriptures inside my well-used King James Bible, and I saw that many of those scriptures had bright orange, green and yellow colors. Just like, I color scriptures when they have spoken to me in a special way. Then I saw myself typewriting those Words, and I saw myself speaking to a group of people. Those scriptures became a story that I wrote and then I heard myself tell it with my own words to many people. The dream was about me writing, and sharing what I had written!

While I am reading my bible a little later this Sunday morning and reading the entire Psalm 119, I went on praying for people like I do every day, and I were praying for someone I knew were in the hospital, suddenly I heard “Arise and Shine!”

Arise, shine; For your light has come! And the glory of the LORD is risen upon you. Isaiah 60:1

Then later that same Sunday, in the afternoon, as I am sitting outside enjoying a short moment in the sunshine and a cup of tea while singing along on songs praising the Lord, again I heard “Arise and Shine”.

Arise and Shine

Now I were pretty sure that this came as an answer from God to my thinking about a card I needed to send online today. Where I had been wondering if today could be the right time for me to say no, instead of yes. Knowing I can always trust the LORD and knowing trusting the Lord in this case could possible mean that I should say no. Just as those thoughts were going back and forth inside my mind, and as I were singing and praising the Lord with the song “Oh The Glory of His Presence”, The Holy Spirit made it very clear for me by saying; “Arise and Shine!”

He left no doubts in me. He made it clear that this is the time for me to “Arise and Shine” by using the talent, that God has given me to write. This is the time for me to “Arise and Shine” with my business, as writer, author, and consultant helping other people. This is the time that I so to speak can walk on water and trust the Lord and all His promises for my business.

Then I heard: “Fear not! Trust me! Arise and Shine. I will take you from poverty to wealth. I will take you out of debt, so arise and shine Reidun. This is the time, this is the time, saith the LORD. Use the talents and gifts I have given you to write, to share your story with the world that is hungry for what you have experienced.”

“Fear not! Trust me! Arise and Shine.”

The first time I heard The Holy Spirit say “Arise and Shine” was in 2009. However, not before this first Sunday in August did, I knew that this is the time for me to act on it, no matter what forces that has been trying to hinder me way to long; I just need to “Arise and Shine.” And I just knew I should use this as a title in my blog.

I just need to “Arise and Shine.”

What about you, have you been acting on your calling? Have you started to “Arise and Shine” doing what God has called you to do? Or, have you like me, been slow to act on His calling?

In the dream He showed me that He wanted me to “Arise and Shine” with my writing.

I believe the Lord is calling you, me and many others to “Arise and Shine” for His glory, using the gifts, talents and skills that He has given us. I believe He is inspiring us to “Arise and Shine” and find our own “Acres of Diamonds” which is our God-given gifts and talents that is inside ourselves for almost nothing.

As I am writing this, I have just received one email and one message; both with similar message to what The Holy Spirit spoke to me on Sunday when saying, “Arise and Shine”.

So with that I believe God is confirming that He wants me to write this message and share it with as many as possible, because He want to inspire us to “Arise and Shine” with what He has given us of talent, gifts and skills.

Yesterday I heard in the news that many are now going to lose their well-paid jobs in the oil industry in Norway, but with this message from the LORD, I know that God has a solution for them, if they only would seek the LORD for His guidance.

So, “Arise and shine!”


2 thoughts on “Arise and shine”

  1. Thanks for this post Reidun. It’s exactly what I need to do: Arise and Shine. I just keep thinking that somehow I won’t be able to do it because I’m supposed to be in a career to support my family. I don’t believe it, but how do you get out of it? It’s tough. This post both makes me sad and happy at the same time. Happy because I know it’s true. Sad because I feel stuck where I am.

    1. Hi Sean. Thank you for your very fast and honest feedback on my new post. I do know one thing, if that is comforting you some in this, that He will make a way for what He want in your life 🙂 So maybe you can just rest in that and wait for His guidance. He is never too late with what He wants. May He bless you in a huge way and expand your area for His glory! And maybe He will show you where you are able to take a small step in that right direction without taking the full step into the deep water at this moment! A small start is better than no start He said 🙂

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