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I am a writer and consultant, I serve and motivate others THROUGH MY WRITING AND CONSULTING, inspiring them toward using their God-given talent and their excellence so they can work on what they love to do.

Hi, my name is Reidun Friestad

As others, I have faced some challenges in my life. However, I am thankful to the Lord for what I have learned, also through some failures.

My painful experience on debt, has taught me some important principles on money, where I have developed a personal excellence in matters of financial thinking on how to handle and think about money according to the bible.

My struggle to find a new job, after I decided to take care of my sick mother whom passed away in 2013, and my experience thereafter on being without a job made me see opportunities in my situation as an unemployed.

I grow up at the small village Vigrestad about one hour south of Stavanger, living at a dairy farm together with my mother, father, brother, grandmother, grandfather and great-grandmother. Was early taught to join the work on the farm. When I was only eight I remember milking the cows, feeding the animals and I looked after them while my parents and grandparents were gone one day.

The horse, dog, cat, cows and pigs were my dear friends – as well as a lot of children around my neighborhood that I played with every day.

I was early inspired to be creative and to dream big dreams and to write.

Have been married. Are divorced. Have no children. Have decided to be alone as long as my first husband is still alive. I love the Lord my God and His Holy Word!

Have written two childrenbook manuscripts. One being publised from October 31, 2015. Have another childrenbook that I am working on, plus I have a Christian book that I am working on. Have written a few country songs both lyrics and music. Have written many poetries.

Today I have many stories to share by using my God-given talent to write.

With the experiences and knowledge I have learned over the years I am able to give you valuable help, inspiration and motivation through consulting..

Through serving and helping others, I want to make an impact and difference in the world! Giving all the glory to the Lord!

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