A small start is better than no start

I am about to go to bed. Suddenly my mind started to think about my blog post that has no images that makes them outstanding in the eyes of the reader. Images that makes them popular to share and post on social media. As I was thinking about this, I saw the picture in my mind of one blog post I just read that had a wonderful image placed on the blog post.

Those images are important to have according to experts in the field of blogging as Michael Hyatt and many others. Then back thinking about my own blog post, my WordPress website, knowing the reality that I cannot afford to buy the images that I should have, at least not now, because I have other important stuff that need my investment priority right now.

However, thinking that my blog will not be as excellent as I would like it to be without those images, I also understand, know and realize the fact that I need to give myself a little bit more time and space to get to that next level with my blog and WordPress site and business. I had this thinking going in my mind in a peaceful way as I sat on my bed ready to get a good night sleep, and then just to end this in a positively way so I could sleep, I said out load; “Well I just cannot afford that right now!” Smiling and jumping into bed.

Then as I put my head on the pillow, I hear the Holy Spirit say: “A small start is better than no start!”

“A small start is better than no start!”

The Holy Spirit comforted me. What an awesome God we serve! It made me smile, and I said out load; “Thank You Lord” and jumped up sitting on my bedside for to write the words down so I could be safe that I had not forgotten them in the morning. I always keep my journal next to me wherever I am, and now I had it next to me and could write this message down.

Putting everything on the Lord as He say we shall, I normally do not worry about anything.

And hearing those words coming from the Lord God Almighty our Creator makes me understand that I can truly enjoy and be proud of what I have done so far with my blog, and with my business, knowing that I have started taken small baby steps and learned and archived a lot, and will learn and archive a lot more as I develop my blog further and as I am moving forward investing more into my business of writing. However, what is most important is, I have started my blog, I have started my business, and that is better than no start.

Then the Holy Spirit reminded me that those words should be the title on my next blog post. Made me understand that it could possible inspire someone that just would need those same words: “A small start is better than no start!”

So perhaps are you that one person whom God had on His mind whom might need those words?

You might be praying, thinking and hoping you would have made bigger steps forward with what you have started than you have today. Or you could be among those that have not started.

I do not know where you are in the process of moving forward with what you have started or want to get started with.  Possible something God have put on your mind and heart to fulfill for His glory.

Nevertheless, I know I can trust everything that is coming from our Lord whom gave us the possibility to be creative humans, and He has said; “A small start is better than no start!”

I have started to write, I have started my own business, I have started to help more people, I have started my WordPress site, I have started to blog, I have started to create videos for YouTube, I have started to build my platform email list by starting to set up LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

In the eyes of those whom judge success by income, I might have had a very small start so far – but I have started!

Knowing that; “A small start is better than no start!”

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