NEW BOOK: The Song in My Heart: Arise and Shine

The Song in My Heart: Arise and Shine, is an inspirational book by Indie Author Reidun Friestad sharing her personal stories on how she was inspired to start writing when she struggled to write blogs, and more than anything, how she was guided and instructed by the Lord to ARISE and SHINE as a writer.

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Here is what Patty Patterson, Author of the children’s book “Freedom From the Whale”, said.

A delightful read!

A delightful read! If you are needing inspiration in your life, this book is for you. This is the author’s personal testimony of how God has brought her from being dependent on the government to being a self-employed author and publisher in just a few short years. Just keep in mind that this is the author’s first book in English. She’s done a great job with it, and I personally loved the way she used the English language. It reads sort of like a conversation you might have while sitting and sharing a coffee with a good friend.

Here is what Patricio Rivers, said.

Recommended For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

The Author Reidun Friestad comes over very inspirational and so very encouraging in her book! I read the book in an hour time and during the entire time I caught myself having this constant smile on my face as the contents bore witness with my spirit. This book should be able to beyond any shadow of a doubt motivate anyone who has a deep desire to begin the process towards the journey of living their dreams! After reading the book I was left with a thought thinking, “My Goodness, this means I’m NOT the only one who has been thinking that everything has to be first “PERFECTLY IN PLACE” before commencing my business or other opportunities?! But this book corrected those wrong thinking and sure enough I can’t wait to start implementing what i learned from the experience of this Author and about her relationship and convincing TRUST in God’s assistance and guiding her during the process along the path to success…

Here is what Peter DeHaan, PhD, Author of “95 tweets”, said.

Motivation for writers–and everyone else

In her first book in English, Norwegian author Reidun Friestad relates her journey of faith and writing. She shares twelve personal steps that brought her from unpublished writer to published author. Each chapter serves to educate and inspire, encouraging us push forward into whatever God is calling us to do.

Here is what Dr. David and Lulu Walker, said.

Following the Lord Jesus, Author Reidun Friestad, learns …

Following the Lord Jesus, Author Reidun Friestad, learns how to face challenges in her life, discovering at the same time, her new purpose as a writer. This book brings hope and light, touching deeply the heart of the reader. The forthcoming writings of Reidun, without a doubt, will allure larger audiences in the near future.  Dr. David and Lulu Walker

Here is what one Anonymous, said. 

An easy and encouraging read

It was refreshing and encouraging to see someone write about how the Lord works in our lives and guides those who are in fellowship with Him.

Here is a comment on Facebook from Patricio Rivers.

I’ve read the book and I could NOT put it down til I finished reading it. It represents many of our own challenges when facing different fears in trying to reach our goals.The inspiration through this book was how the Author overcame those familiar challenges, putting her now on the right track to success and her written English is part of that CHALLENGE she successfully bridged!

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My own “Acres of Diamonds”

I first heard Earl Nightingale tell the story called “Acres of Diamonds” on February 2015 when I on YouTube found the original recording Earl did in 1956 to inspire his sales team.

The story was about the farmer in Africa whom wasted his own “Acres of Diamond” by go searching for diamonds all other places than at his own farm. This farmer so to speak, stood, walked and lived on his own “Acres of Diamonds” that he dreamed about finding. But he went all other places to look for them, and did not find any – but become broke and died.

This became an awakening seven-minute story that I have listened to many times, and where I started to think more seriously about my own life and where I were in regard to archive my goals. Through this story I saw clearly that my “Acres of Diamonds” were in my writing.

And through this story, I saw myself and my longtime dream to pursue a career as a writer, author, and it just dawned on me how important it was to keep doing what was in my heart, what I loved to do, and what I am called to do. And it opened my eyes so to speak on how dangerous and wrong it was to waste my talent, by being busy with other things that would never lead me to archive my goals.

I just knew in my heart without doubt it would not be smart of me to sell my valuable talent as a writer and author for almost nothing by going after another daytime job, instead of pursue my longtime dream to become the writer and author I was born to be.

An ordinary daytime job would secure me by giving me food on the table and pay my bills, but it would never give me freedom and satisfaction to live the life I knew I was called to live, it would never give me real joy, and it would probably never get me out of debt. I just knew that the only way for me to reach my goals to become financial free and to get out of debt and stay out of debt, was to use my talent to write.

This beautiful and true story that Earl Nightingale told, inspired me. It also gave me new hope and faith that someone, somewhere around the world might be inspired and helped through me telling my story on how I struggled, but how I today enjoy life in new and better ways after I took action and started to work on my writing, on my “Acres of Diamonds” that I now am able to pursue in writing as much as I can every day by the grace of God.

I have like others had situations in life for years hinder me not be able tap into my dreams. And not before I lost everything I could lose, and was down to absolute nothing, other than my faith in God, trusting Him, I started to believe that I could finally get started with my dream to become the writer and author, that I would be able to earn money doing so, pay my bills, save money, give me the life filled with joy and freedom, to give and help others as much as I had always wanted to do – and help myself get completely out of debt.

And as the LORD in 2013 started to tell me to start my own business and reminded me about His calling on my life to write, I started to see and believe, that I had a talent, a gift that God had given me, that I needed to use.

So when I heard Earl Nightingale tell the story about “Acres of Diamonds” I understood this was sent me for to wake me up and confirm that I had my own “Acres of Diamonds”, in my writing, the talent, the gift that God had given me.

With this story that Earl Nightingale told, I saw the importance that I had to keep writing, but also that I had to start to share my story on; How I went from being broke and without a job, to start my own business, and how I today can say I see my business slowly growing.

With the hope, that telling my story I can possible inspire someone on how I have experienced difficulties and setbacks for many years and lost everything, been broke and without a job, and despite of that, how I today can say that I see huge opportunities by using my God-given talent to write and by helping others as a consultant, and where I am also able to help busy moms and dads and elders shining up their homes, as an important strategy to help myself focus on my writing in the evenings, without thinking about how to pay my bills.

My story is more than anything about how I trust the LORD and how I know I will have my own successful business as a writer, author and consulting by using my God-giving talent and the biblical principles on money.

Hoping that my story can give you whom read this new hope, inspiration, and possible help you find your own “Acres of Diamonds” and help you start to use your special talent and succeed in the midst of a very tough economic global situation the world is facing more and more.

Nothing would make me happier than to know you were inspired by my story, and that it helped you succeed, by using your talent, your own “Acres of Diamonds”.

Go on with your dreams

Go on with your dreams

Only a few days left of this year. And in the morning when I was on my knees before our Heavenly Father, in Jesus name, as I normally do every morning before I start my day. I were asking Him for advice on what I needed to focus on today, regarding my writing.

The answer came very fast, where I heard Him say: “BLOG”

And then I heard Him say; “GO ON WITH YOUR DREAMS.”


What a wonderful way to end a year, that to me has been full of many wonderful and different colors, some situations more challenging than others, but a blessed year, if I may put it that way.

And where I can look back knowing that I by the help of the LORD have taken some new important steps forward with my business, and also made many new connections with wonderful people, both locally and around the world. Which I know would not be possible without His help.  But by His grace and help and guidance, I know nothing is impossible to those that believe. As it is written in Luke 1:37: “For with God nothing will be impossible.”

But now, just a few days from entering into a new year, I am looking back at those many moments, many experienced miracles and many times getting His help and guidance, knowing He has been with me all the time, down in the valleys and on top of the mountains. Thankful for His great love, which truly makes it fun looking forward to what God has planned for me and my business for the next and upcoming year, even at a time when things are very difficult in the world.

Praying that God will do miracles and help those that are in need around the world that only He can help by sending the right people who can help and have in their hands what they need. Wanting to reach out and help many that suffer in need of food and cloths, but understand I can only do so much He wants me to with what he has given me to do for others, as we all can do something. Then I am also reminded that being obedient to the LORD is more important than offering.

And by the grace of the LORD, I am setting new focus and I am excited over every new day that I will be able to face by His grace and by His will. HIS WILL BE DONE!

Excited over this new untouched year that I know will be filled with some challenges but also many new huge opportunities from the LORD.

I am starting my journey to go into next year, by writing this blog post: GO ON WITH YOUR DREAMS.

Not before I evaluated this entire year in the first days of December, did I see the things I had been able to archive and move forward with this year. I guess it is often easy to forget the small steps we have moved forward with, and possible also forget to enjoy those smaller achievement – in our daily hunting for to archive more, today, tomorrow, and in the future.

So when I looked back through my evaluating process this year, it was fun to see that I actually did fulfill many things I planned to reach this year. Not all, but many of them did I reach.

By the LORDs help, I have been able to build some new income streams this year, by giving service and helping other people get what they want. I have been able to write and publish my second book, and I have sold out almost all the books that I got printed in October. Both those books written in Norwegian. The first a children book, and the second a Christian book. And now I am waiting for the LORD to tell me when to print new books of this Christian book. While I am waiting, I working on a new Christian book that will be published in English.

I have not given up on my dreams. I believe I have found my dreams, my acres of diamonds, my writing, made it mine, and I will do whatever I can to cherish it and never let it go.

I believe I have done what I could do this year to keep my dreams alive. And I have kept moving on with my goals, and my business, also through some very tough financial times I have faced, which I believe has been temporary.

And next year, I will not stop or slow down, but I will go full speed and by the grace of the LORD, I will move forward with my goals and plans; GOING ON WITH MY DREAMS as a writer and author whom will share what the LORD wants me to share with others. And giving the LORD all the glory!

In closing, I pray that the LORD, will help you whom read this, and whom has a dream you want to archive which the LORD has given only you to fulfill. I pray that you’ll get inspired and excited to; go on with your dreams in this new untouched year – while giving the LORD all the glory!

Even when the global economic is difficult, and many have lost their jobs, I believe God is saying it is important to remind those we can remind, to find their dreams, their God-given talents, the talent that God has given only him or her, and to go on with their dreams – giving God all the glory!

May the LORD bless you and yours this next year – while you are going on with your dreams!

I can do this writing

I believe that I can do this, being a fulltime writer and author – with the help of the LORD. And, I am fully convinced that God is able to perform whatever He has promised. Just like Abraham had faith when it looked like all hope was gone – I have faith and trust in The Almighty God of Israel. Knowing for God nothing is impossible, and knowing through Christ I can do all things.


In August 2015 I started to go fulltime as a writer, with my first book, “Den Blå Kjolen”, a Norwegian children book that I wrote and published as a book manual on October 31, 2015, and which was published in January 2016 as an Audio CD, and published in March 2016 as a soft cover book.

Then when the sale slowed down a bit in the end of January 2016, I again had to ask for some support from the government.

And for six months from March 2016 I offered some free consulting to help a young man where I wrote letters and went to meetings speaking for him – and where we won the case in September 2016. All the glory to the LORD that did help us win.

But as my income started to increase during the year of 2016 with more work that I did for clients every week, I saw that I needed less support from the government, and with an upcoming launch of a new Christian book on October 20, 2016, I decided it was the right time to trust the LORD and go fulltime as a writer and author from October 1, 2016.

Not an easy thing to do, but for me the right thing to do.  “A small start is better than no start”.

When I took this step in faith on October 1, 2016, I had no guarantee for an income to pay all my bills for the month of October, other than to trust the LORD for the extra income that I had faith would come through selling books. At that time, I took the step in faith, I had about 35 % of my total need secured through work to clean houses every week. But Praise the LORD, so far, He, has made it possible to pay every bill.

Right before the launch of my book, I got the deliverance from printing over two weeks later than planned, and as if not that was enough, me getting sick with a painful appendix just when I should be around and pre-sell books. But, praise the LORD, He healed my appendix in the middle of the night when I slept, on October 4, 2016.

I can do this writing, because the LORD is my helper.

It is the LORD that has called me to write. It is He that has given me advise and guided me step by step from being broke and unemployed to start my own business and now as I write this be on the way to run my own fulltime business as a writer, author and consultant – trusting the LORD.

Not that I have reached this goal yet, but I am on my way toward it – trusting the LORD with all my heart.  Only with His help am I able to get through every day as my income slowly grows without taking any loans, but slowly are able to pay my bills and build up the business from what I earn.

My next project will most likely be the children book that I first published in Norwegian in 2015, that I have translated into English with the title “The Blue Dress Children Book” and that I plan to publish on Amazon.

To be an indie writer and author publishing my own books, is for me a longtime dream come through, and I look forward to write many books in the future. The joy of being able to sit down and write what comes to my mind whenever and wherever I am, and to create products that I am the owner of, and then to sell them to people that say they are inspired and motivated by my writing is nothing but amazing. I am very grateful to the LORD for this. All the glory to the LORD.

And I will do whatever I can to never take anything for granted, but strive my best to be humble and thankful for every person that wants to buy one of my books – just like I am today in the very small beginning as an indie writer and author. Knowing that as a writer, I can only succeed when the reader wants to buy and read what I write!

Trusting the LORD with all my heart and hoping that my writing will be a blessing for many people. And being fully convinced that God is able to perform whatever He has promised.

I love to write, and I love the fact that I may touch other people through my writing.

I believe I can do this writing!

Through Christ I can do all things!

Get up and keep going

Earlier this year, I watched a sermon, with the title “GET UP AND KEEP GOING”.  This title spoke to my heart. It reminded me that no matter what, I just need to get up and keep going.


Being a writer, first of all we need to show up, then we need to start writing. Also if we do not know what to write. Often the words and the ideas will come when we start to write. And as we write we get more inspired, and soon the words are just coming, more and more.

And I have to say, it is wonderful to get up in the morning knowing I have my own business, where I am helping other people through my business Reidun Hjelper Deg (Reidun is helping you), and where I can write, publish and sell books and write blogs. Having my own business and being my own boss is just a wonderful freedom.

But I have to admit it can also be difficult to keep the inspiration while working on building my writing business, especial when things are difficult, as they often are in the start of any business.

It is in times like that, it is good to be reminded to “GET UP AND KEEP GOING.” So easy said, but still so difficult, words we might need to be reminded about often.

My experience when not knowing exactly where to go next, is that when I take the situation and go down on my knees and lift it up to the LORD asking for His guidance, trusting Him, and start to take one step forward, He will show me the next step that I could not see. I have seen how He has guided me with His eyes and showed me the way in many situations with my business and writing.

Just like when I did not have any idea about how to put together the content and create the outline of my new Christian book that I started to write in 2016. Step by step, the LORD gave me ideas and guided me.

But even with His help, I have struggled a few times earlier this year to move on with my business and my writing. I lost the inspiration when book sale slowed down in February 2016, and when I was not writing as much as I should because I had to handle a situation for a client and spent a lot of time on writing letters for him. It was difficult for me, as I wanted so much to also write on my book, but I could not get myself to do what I wanted. Looking back, I think my problem was that I had some wrong thinking, as I allowed my mind to dwell on the problems I faced, instead of seeing the opportunity in my situation.

Those words spoke; “GET UP AND KEEP GOING” kind of woke me up so to speak.

I grabbed those words to my heart and I jumped up, full of new hope and inspiration. It was like all that had hindered me was gone, as I said out load: “GET UP AND KEEP GOING REIDUN”, that is all you need to do – “GET UP AND KEEP GOING”.

A Word spoken at the right time can turn any difficult situation into new opportunities.

Where we see no way, there is a way – but we must; “GET UP AND KEEP GOING”.